Why are you creating content?

Gerald Duran
2 min readApr 15, 2022

Why do you write copy and share it on LinkedIn?

To generate likes, comments and followers?

Who might buy something from you?

What’s the motivation behind what you do?

Everyday people flock to LinkedIn. People are searching for something.

- New jobs
- Business development
- Personal development
- Conversations
- To be inspired and learn
- To find purpose
- To prosper and succeed

If you are contributing to the conversations, my question is why … what are you bringing to the picnic?

>> It’s a great question to ask yourself.

For me, my personal mission is to equip patriots of faith into their entrepreneurial calling.

I’m part of a massive people movement started by Jesus Christ to transform the seven marketplace mountains: faith, family, education, government, media, arts and entertainment, and business … with the Kingdom of God.

CanaGlobal is on a mission to equip millions into their entrepreneurial calling … because when millions of entrepreneurs connect the dots between faith, purpose, freedom and entrepreneurship … they change the world.

In 2016 we started as a learning community and entrepreneur accelerator with locations in Milwaukee and Los Angeles, today we have grown into a global marketplace community.

In our early days, we didn’t have a name, we just started by doing. We began hosting a series of entrepreneurial meetups, events, seminars, and accelerators.

We realized there’s not a community for dreamers and doers to gather, innovate, learn, and grow. So we decided to build one.

My objective when I write is to help:

#1 — Encourage you

#2 — Expose the things that create failure and success

#3 — Educate on how to overcome the challenges

#4 — Eradicate the things that cause us to fail

#5 — Motivate you to keep going and never give up

The last few years have created a great shaking in most people’s lives.

Peace and prosperity has been disrupted.

People want their freedom, peace and prosperity back.

There is a great awakening to practical biblical faith in God.

This is why I create content. My why.


Gerald Duran

Venture Capital | Managing Partner at CanaGlobal.org | Faith Driven Investors