What Are You Driven By?

Gerald Duran
2 min readApr 15, 2022

An entrepreneur driven by faith, purpose and the Kingdom of God has an unfair competitive advantage.

God promises to establish their plans and steps.

It’s a BIG promise with a big IF. 👇

IF you commit to learning His ways of doing things. Faith and obedience are required.

And for that, He has provided you with His Word and His Spirit. (The Bible and the Holy Spirit)

In today’s secular (Godless) culture, less than 6% of believers have a biblical worldview.

You can see the problem everywhere you look. It’s how our cities and nations became secular and woke.

But for every Christ-Follower, including the entrepreneur who desires to co-create with God, you’ll have to learn what it means to be driven by faith, purpose and the Kingdom of God

>> Faith-Driven: This means you are a Christ-Follower who is driven by your faith in the Bible and God. This is what drives your thinking and action.

>> Purpose-Driven: This means you are driven by fulfilling God’s specific plan and purpose for your life, right now. You’ve invested the time and energy to identify God’s plan and purpose for your life. You understand your specific assignment in the marketplace.

>> Kingdom-Driven: You are also driven by the big picture, God’s masterplan for the world. You have a global political IQ. You understand what the enemy is doing (the plot), what God wants done (the plan), and how He will use you (the Church) to transform culture. All that you do is tied to The Great Commission, to make disciples of people and nations.

Being driven by faith, purpose and Kingdom is a mindset to succeed and prosper in your marketplace calling.

- What God created you to do.
- Why you are on the planet.

You must see yourself as a modern marketplace disciple.

And then, if you are an entrepreneur, you’ll have to develop a full-stack set of entrepreneurial skills.

#1 — Faith-Driven
#2 — Purpose-Driven
#3 — Kingdom-Driven
#4 — With a Full-Stack set of entrepreneurial skills

This, my friend, is what’s called in the entrepreneurial space — an unfair competitive advantage!


Gerald Duran

Venture Capital | Managing Partner at CanaGlobal.org | Faith Driven Investors