Follow The Instructions

Gerald Duran
1 min readApr 15, 2022

Every entrepreneur driven by faith, purpose and the Kingdom of God has to learn how to follow instructions. Especially God’s.

We have to learn His way of doing things.

More often than naught God calls us to leave our comfort zone, to take great risks.

This biblical promise is pretty straight forward.

If you are willing to follow God’s instructions, you will prosper.

If you are willing to trust God for wisdom, understanding and knowledge — He will bless the works of your hands.

As entrepreneurs, there is no automatic paycheck. You have to learn how to trust God to provide.

We’ve all had to learn this lesson.

That means you have to be willing to trust His promises when faced with uncertain circumstances.

Here’s my advice — don’t fail this test. Just trust Him. Otherwise you’ll get a free retake.

Too many believers never graduate from this stage because they’ve never learned to follow God’s instructions.

Trust me … you can trust Him. His love never fails.


Gerald Duran

Venture Capital | Managing Partner at | Faith Driven Investors