Avoid this pitfall at all costs.

Gerald Duran
2 min readApr 15, 2022

Creators and Entrepreneurs … avoid this pitfall at all costs.
It’s the source of confusion and confliction.

It is killing your creativity and contaminating your motivation.
It stems from unfair people and circumstances. 👇

What is it? CONTEMPT.

As sure as the sun rises, you will encounter unfair people and unfair circumstances.

- You’ll take paths that end in failure. The deadends.
- You’ll partner and trust people who betray you. The deadbeats.

It’s easy to get a bit jaded and into contempt. Contempt produces strife, anger, unforgiveness, and fear. The opposite of faith.

Contempt will contaminate your motives.

And make no mistake, the DNA of your motivation is — your MOTIVE.

The definition of contempt is the act of despising.

If you are not content, experiencing God’s peace and joy, you’ll develop contempt. And contempt, my friend, worms its way into your true motive — that is, tainting your creativity and motivation.

Your motivation, the thing that drives you will become so infested with strife, anger, unforgiveness, and fear — you’ll stall-out, finding yourself frozen in this fear-based pit.

>> James 3:16 spells out the source of tainted motives. “For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work.”

When one’s motives are infected by contempt, here’s what follows:

Blame — you’ll find people and circumstances to blame.

Conflicted — you’ll become conflicted over God’s promises and your lack of progress.

Confused — you’ll become confused about the right people and paths to trust. So much that you’ll miss out on the people and paths sent from God.

Stuck — you’ll find yourself in a pit of fear and division. Anything divided, eventually falls.

Pride is what blinds us when contempt is the culprit. We become defensive victims instead of victors.

- People who are content get Better.
- People who are in contempt get Bitter.

So how can you stay out of this self-sabotaging contempt?

Forgive those who have done you dirty.
Focus on your future, not you past.

Ask God to fill you with His peace and joy that 100% of the time leads to contentment.

Go in peace.




Gerald Duran

Venture Capital | Managing Partner at CanaGlobal.org | Faith Driven Investors